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Book Reviews

One reviewer calls Ron a “Renaissance man,” citing his faith and determination. This book is a guide for anyone at any age struggling with life’s unexpected challenges.  He offers thoughts on finding persistence, fun and joy in every quarter of life. 

What Readers Say

It is important that this is a man’s story and a Black man at that. His willingness to expose his vulnerabilities, fears, and joys to openly and fully share himself is refreshing.

     Marilyn Chase - Former Assistant Secretary Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office Health and Human Services

Throughout this book, he stresses; the need to contribute to society, show kindness to family, friends, and community, set principles and values to guide your actions, and function with the highest level of integrity.

     Dr. Harris Gibson, Jr., - Assistant Clinical Professor of Thoracic Surgery, Boston University

Wow! The book was filled with so much wisdom and sage advice. I was moved . . . to rethink some things in my own life (especially as I reflect on the 4th Quarter). BTW—I love the metaphor…

     Alan J. Ingram, Ed.D. - Ingram Consulting, LLC

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