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"I think the story is a beautiful story! I certainly was able to place a face with each of the book's characters. My biggest takeaway is that even with the necessary support system around us, we can't always achieve the goals others have set for us, but we learn how to adjust them to our own standards and goals."
Ahmad Blair, North Carolina A&T student

"I very much enjoyed reading the story. I resonated primarily with Old Man Evans. My life’s work, purpose, and mission is to pour into next-generation leaders. This book would be excellent for youth ministry, parenting, counseling, and coaching/mentoring. The book is well-written, captivating, and a general “good read.”

Ronia Stewart, President & CEO, Garden of Eden & Associates, Inc.

"I like how you open it up, drawing the reader into a setting that a lot of young people his age can relate to. Morgan gradually accepts his maturing and clearly comes of age.  He's a decent young man with a moral compass that emerges throughout the book. Good stuff, Ron, well written ... congratulations!

Richard O'Bryant, Ph.D., Director, John D. O'Bryant African-American Institute, Northeastern University

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