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I’ve just finished reading your book Keep On Moving and long before I arrived on the first full paragraph… I had already arrived at the description of your memoir: Realistically Optimistic.


While reading, I never felt “sorrow” or “sadness” but rather realistic optimism filled with hope. I loved your authentic description of your childhood: tastefully honest with respect for your family. I wanted to read more while dreading the fact that I was nearing the end.

The way you have incorporated music, faith, friendship, current events, politics and the pandemic was done very skillfully and well mastered.


I received Keep On Moving yesterday and could not put it down…


It is rare to see a black man to be so open in sharing their feelings about their life experiences in such a public way. The "lessons or insights" acquired along life's pathways have value for young men [and older men] as they move forward. 


I have struggled to find the appropriate adjectives to convey my sense of your work, but as Ossie Davis said about the limitations and restrictive nature of the English language, it fails to capture and convey the true feelings and meanings when expressing important feelings, ideas and concepts. Given this, let me say in simple and plain English, I thank you for your sharing.



My copy of Keep On Moving arrived on yesterday. I have other books on my summer/fall reading list that I need to carve out time to start reading. Tonight, however, I decided to read a chapter or two of your book. It was hard to put it down. It is so well-written, personal, informative, insightful, compelling, sad, and provocative. It is a gift for those who know you, but also for anyone navigating through the “fourth quarter” of life.

I now know what Christmas gifts I will give to several of my friends, who are also in the fourth quarter and hoping for overtime. They will get a copy of your excellent book. Well done, my friend!


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