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Ron has balanced between two worlds all his life. Most of his professional time was spent in Boston, working as a university administrator or professor, nonprofit executive, and organizational consultant.

From early on, he was a creative jazz musician; composing, performing, and producing an album titled, Quintessence. In recent years, he’s produced other artists in concert and turned his attention to writing words, not notes.

Now retired, he has written two books, a memoir, and a novel, founded a men's club for jazz enthusiasts, and become a member of a philanthropic collective.


He believes every challenge hides an opportunity.  Ron has been called a creative problem solver, thoughtful listener, strategic thinker, and collaborator. He has provided consulting services to more than 50 organizations and. served on numerous boards

A native of Stamford, Connecticut, he and his family (Pam and Erica) now reside in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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